Investing lessons from the pandemic


When the coronavirus pandemic hit financial markets in March 2020, almost 40 per cent was wiped off the value of shares in less than a month.i Understandably, many investors hit the panic button and switched to cash or withdrew savings from superannuation.

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Getting retirement plans back on track


After a year when even the best laid plans have been put on hold due to COVID-19, people who were planning to retire soon may be having second thoughts. You may be concerned about a drop in your super balance, insecure work, or an uncertain investment outlook.

Getting retirement plans back on track2021-07-27T08:17:46+09:00

Go for gold to achieve your goals


The Olympic Games always provides a platform to marvel at what humans are capable of, as the athletes competing strive to be the fastest, the strongest or just the best, to win gold. While this year may be a little different, the Games still give us the opportunity to be inspired by the remarkable performances of the athletes as they compete.

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How do you know when the advice is right?


Seeking financial advice can turn your life around and put you on a path to a happier and more secure financial future. But where do you start? Who do you trust? How do you know you are going to get value for money?

How do you know when the advice is right?2021-07-12T12:35:56+09:00

Make yourself accountable for your success


When it comes to career or life goals, a crucial element often missing from the discussion is that of personal accountability. Accountability is fundamental to effective government and successful business, but we often neglect it in regards to our own ambitions. Practicing personal accountability isn’t easy, but if you embrace it, the effect can be transformative.

Make yourself accountable for your success2021-06-29T09:39:03+09:00

Choosing a retirement lifestyle


If you are in, or nearing, the retirement phase of your lifestyle you might be considering whether you want to stay in your current accommodation, or look for something to suit your needs as they change over the coming years.

Choosing a retirement lifestyle2021-06-22T08:53:11+09:00

Golden rules of investing


At first glance, investing can seem daunting.  So much complex information and so little time to absorb and act on it when you’re busy getting on with life.  It’s little wonder that so many of us put it in the too hard basket for longer than is good for our wealth.

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The financial rewards of optimism


If it wasn’t already clear, the past 12 months certainly cemented the fact that life has a habit of throwing us the occasional curveball. The reality is we all face challenges, however approaching life with a positive mindset can help us deal with any issues we may face and improve our lives in many ways.

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